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3 November 2004
We had a BBQ party in front of Tamagawa-river.
Many people came and many languages are spoken.
After BBQ, we played fire works.
Because I was drunk too much, I burned my finger.
1 July 2004

Oh ! I forget to renew this diary !
...... no, I pretend to forget. Because... It is too hard to write a composition by English.
But I do my best from now.
Today I was waiting for Japanese guy who check the vacancy room from 15:00PM.
But He did not come...
so, I called him amd said " Hello, Where are you now ? You can find our house ?"

He replied 
"Uh....Who?....Oh!...uh... sorry...I,I,I called you some time, but could not reach you on the phone. I can not go..."

Many people promise to come to check the room by e-mail and phone.
But many people cancel suddenly without contact me.
Why ?  

10 March 2004

Last month, I said I studied English at USA pro-wrestling site, and now continued by a miracle.
But I learn only words for fight ( for instance, "square off against", "a bloody mess" ).

13 Feb 2004

This afternoon, I went to discount shop to buy a clothes pole.
This shop, in Shibuya, is very famous for its cheap price.
I could get a pole for 830 yen. Is this cheap ? I don't know reasonable price !

6 Feb 2004

 From this February, I started to study English on "Pro-wrestling"web site !
 Interesting thing is best for leaning ?
 In our house sometimes we watch "pro-wrestling" and "MMA" on CATV.
So I want to explane some maniac information.

26 January 2004

Now I am a little busy because I must submit the forms of atatement of accounts to the tax office.
Of cause, I use PC. 
But I can't trust it always I use pocket calculator, too.  

8-11 January 2004

Travel to Korea
  I will make a new page "my travel diary".
 Just a moment, please !

6 January 2004

 From 7th to 11th, I go to Seoul for pleasure.
 It is my first visit to Korea. 
 When I was backpacker (about 10 years ago !), I hated package tour.

 I sneered at a group tour.
 But now....I am glad to participate in it 
 I am mature, amn't I ? 

1 January 2004
A Happy New Year !

I went home in Ishinomaki city (north of Japan) from 31th of December.
Ishinomaki is a port town, so we can eat flesh fish and shellfishes.
This time, the best one is raw oyster.

29 December 2003
 a thorough cleaning

The end of year, almost Japanese residents go home.
L( Italy ) travels in south Japan with her family, 
and C( Australian ) goes to Kyoto with his friend now.

I feel a little lonely, is easy to clean common place !

22 December 2003
big party

We gived a Xmas party tonight( of course all night ! ).
 American , Australisan , Italian , English , Cameroonian....many foreigners join our party.
 I wonder how long we danced ? 

20 December 2003
a cold

 In our gesthouse a virulent influenza is ranging now.
 a stmachache , a joint ache , an appetite diminishing....

 Wow...that reminds me that I had a cold like that condition last week 
That is my virus?

19 December 2003
First diary
I have two week points.
One is keeping diary every day, and the other is writing in English.
So it is hard to record in this diary, but I want everyone to know the guesthouse life in Japan.
I swear I'll do my best !