Guest House KOYOMI-YA

Koyomiya on TV !

It was the middle of October when he telephoned me.
"Hello, this is NHK. Are you guest house's manager ? "
I was so surprised because I think he pushed me for payment of licence fee !
NHK is state-owned TV station.

But he said...
"This time, we want to introduce some shared houses on our program.
I heard your guest house residents are on good terms and sometimes give a paty.
Can we record that situation ?"

It was first time that the appearance was offered by TV station.
I was so excited,.but I thought that he must have given directions if I say "yes ! please ! "soon.
As I had expected, the NHK director insistsed on " suddenly report ".
In brief, he wanted me not to inform to our residents before the party..

But I refused that idea. Not every guests would like to appear on TV.
( I reflected later that we should had talk the derails more then ).

That night I call my family, relatives, friends, etc !

<to be continued >

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