Share House “Uzuki House” (Setagaya,Tokyo)

Share House “Uzuki House” (Setagaya,Tokyo)

House Outline

To Shibuya and Shinjuku Within 8mins by the train

  • Keio Inokashira Line : Higashi-matsubara stn / Keio Line : Meidaimae stn
  • 5 Hihashi-matsubara, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo
  • Single:JPY50,000- / Dormitory:JPY32,000-
  • Single for woman:5 / Dormitory for men:1


Room No. Size Rent Utilities and Internet Others
201 7m2 JPY51,000/M JPY9,000/M 2nd floor/Japanese style/Woman
202Dormitory 13.16m2 JPY32,000/M JPY7,000/M 2nd floor/Western style/Big closet

[Market rate for Rent in this area] JPY76,500(Apartment/1room)



“Easy to access location, right by the station! Within 8mins by the train to Shinjuku and Shibuya. Because it is near Shimokitazawa,musicians,painters,photographers,actors and novelists stayed here.”

The closest station Keio Line“Meidaimae”:7mins(to Shinjuku/5mins
Keio Inokashira Line“Higashi-matsubara”:4mins(to Shibuya/8mins
Odakyu Odawara Line“Umegaoka”:14mins(to Shinjuku/15mins
Within walking distance to Shimokitazawa
Adress 5 Hihashi-matsubara, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo

We will tell you the detail when you come to check the house.

Around our house <1>Shopping street/4mins <2>Supermarket/6mins <3>Public bath/5mins <4>Convenience store/4mins <5>Library/13mins <5>Post office/6mins <6>Meiji Univ(Izumi campus)/11mins
Living Room TV(CATV), DVD player, Manga, Game…
Kitchen gas range, refrigerator, microwave oven, tableware…
Shower 1(free)
Loundry coin loundry
Toilet 2
Washstand 2
Bicycle parking OK
Internet free Wi-Fi


No. Size Rent/M Costs/M Others
101 7m2 JPY50,000 JPY9,000 Western style/Woman
102 9.3m2 JPY60,000 JPY9,000 Japanese style/Woman
103 9.3m2 JPY64,000 JPY9,000 Western style/Woman
104 9.3m2 JPY64,000 JPY9,000 Western style/Woman
201 7m2 JPY51,000 JPY9,000 Japanese style/Woman
202Dormitory 13.3m2 JPY32,000 JPY7,000 Western style/Big closet/veranda
About costs Monthly Utility, Internet administration costs, management expenses *except the coinlaundry
About a room desk, chair, air conditioner, lighting equipment, curtain, (closet)
=western style= bed, mattress, air-conditioner
=Japansese style= japanese mattress, air-conditioner

=The initial fee=

必須 Deposit Single JPY20,000 Refundable when you move out(if no problem)
Dormitory JPY10,000
Comission JPY10,000 When you move in only(not refundable)
入居月のお家賃 日割りします
希望者のみ 布団セット 10,000円 枕・掛け布団・敷布団・タオルケット(廃棄手数料込)
布団カバーセット 2,000円
毛布 3,000円