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My name is Laura and I`m Italian.

I`ve been living here in Satsuki house for past five months and I`m really loving it!! The atmosphere in the house is very nice and everyone is very kind! The place is lovely, by the river, and in the morning when the sky is clear you can even see the mount Fujy ! It`s great!!
I came here in Japan to study Japanese. I already have a degree in Japanese, but if you don`t practise the language, is really easy to forget things..especially the kanjis!!! so I decide to refresh my memory -full immersion- and I have to say that my Japanese is getting better..Thank God..

In the few months that I`ve been here in Japan I really enjoyed myself very much! I`m going every week end in Roppongi and me and my friends generally stay out all night going in bars and clubs! Latelly I`ve been to Tsukiji-the fish Market- and well I have to say is well worth it a visit! We went clubbing in Roppongi tuntil 4.30 and then we caught a taxi and we saw the Tuna auction...it was so much fun...without mentioning the sushi breakfast at 6.00!!!!! It was sooo nice trust me!

Well what cn I say..at the end of March I`m leaving Japan and I feel absolutelly terrible! I really love this country, the culture and the people...and I think It will be so difficult to get used once again to the old boaring Europe!!!! Ciao

Laura (Satsuki House)

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