Share House “Minazuki House” (Koto-ku,Tokyo)


House Outline

Small Old-fashioned Japanese style Sharehouse

  • Tozai Line: Minamisunamachi stn
  • (Ginza:16mins, Kayaba-cho:9mins, Takadanobaba:26mins, Otemachi:12mins)
  • 4 Minamisuna,Koto-ku,Tokyo
  • Single:JPY50,000-
  • 6 single rooms

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Room.No Size Rent Utilities and Internet Others photo
Single 101 9.3m2
JPY9,000 1nd floor/Western style
Special Price the corona crisis


Single 202 7 m2
JPY9,000 2nd floor/Western style
Special Price the corona crisis


[Market rate for Rent in this area] JPY68,500(Apartment/1room)

Discount during this season!

First House Rent: maximumJPY25,000OFF! (Only those who will stay more than 6months)



“I have been staying Minazuki House for 6 months and had so many awsome experiences. For the staying time here I could have gotten a lot of helping from house friends, whole the house always clean and the atmotphere is comfortable, the kitchen is well equipped with full essential things, the toilet is new and clean. Moreover the room was spacious enough and in the good conditions for your work, and the other tenants were very kind and respectful. landlord Takahashi-san was very kind, helpful and very friendly. I definetly recommend this house to you, it’s awsome house!” (Vietnum)


“I have been staying in Minazuki house for 6 months, and I think it was the best option I could have gotten for my needs. The whole house was always clean, the kitchen is well equipped, the bathroom is equipped with a japanese toilet which you get used to very fast. Some mangas are available to read in Japanese. The bike parking was also useful since I bought a bike. Moreover the room was spacious enough, confortable and in a good condition with AC and the other tenants were very kind and respectful, and of course the landlord was very kind, comprehensible and very friendly: always inviting his tenants to many activities. I definetly recommend this house.” (Morocco)


“I had a great time in Minazuki The house has all the commodities and the guest are always great. Also since many of them are from different countries we have many times international parties . The land lord Takahashi San is also a very kind person and speaks English which is a big add value especially if you are a foreigner. The house is also close to most of the interesting spots in the city. So I completely reccomand it for your stay in Tokyo.”(Algeria)

The closest station Tozai Line“Minami-sunamachi stn”: 6mins(to Ginza:16mins, Kayaba-cho:9mins, Takadanobaba:26mins, Otemachi:12mins, Akihabara:19mins, Iidabashi:21mins
Address 4 Minami-suna, Koto-ku, Tokyo

We will tell you the detail when you come to check the house.

Around our house <1>Family mart/2mins <2>AEON/7mins <3>SUNAMO/14mins <4>Sunamachi-ginza shopping street/15mins <5>Public bath/2mins <6>Library/5mins <7>Nitori/6mins <8>post office/6mins
Living Room CATV, DVD, Books & Magazines…
Kitchen gas range, refrigerator, microwave oven, tableware…
Shower 1 (Free)
Loundry coin loundry
Toilet 2
Washstand 1
Bicycle parking OK
Wi-Fi Free


No. Size Rent/M Costs/M Others
101 9.3m2
JPY9,000 Western style
102 7m2 JPY40,000 JPY9,000 Western style
201 8.1m2 JPY53,000 JPY9,000 Western style
202 7m2
JPY9,000 Western style
203 7m2 JPY51,000 JPY9,000 Japanese style
204 9.3m2 JPY55,000 JPY9,000 Japanese style
About costs Monthly Utility, Internet administration costs, management expenses *except the coinlaundry
About a room desk, chair, air conditioner, lighting equipment, curtain, (closet)
=western style= bed, mattress, air-conditioner
=Japansese style= japanese mattress, air-conditioner

=The initial fee=

Required Deposit JPY20,000 Refundable when you move out(if no problem)
Comission JPY10,000 When you move in only(not refundable)
Move-in month daily calculation
Only the people who need Bedding JPY10,000 a pillow, a quilt, a futon(Japanese mattress), a towel blanket
You don’t have to pay when you have yours. But you must show your bedding when you move in.
Bedding cover set JPY2,000
Blanket JPY3,000