Share House “Uzuki House” (Setagaya,Tokyo)

House Outline

To Shibuya and Shinjuku Within 8mins by the train

  • Keio Inokashira Line : Higashi-matsubara stn / Keio Line : Meidaimae stn
  • 5 Hihashi-matsubara, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo
  • Single:JPY50,000- / Dormitory:JPY32,000-
  • Single for woman:5 / Dormitory for men:1


Room No. Size Rent Utilities and Internet Others Photo
Single 201 7m2
JPY9,000 2nd floor/Japanese style/Woman
Special Price the corona crisis


Dormitory 202 13.16m2 JPY32,000 JPY7,000 2nd floor/Western style/Big closet


[Market rate for Rent in this area] JPY74,400(Apartment/1room)

Discount during this season!
First House Rent: maximumJPY10,000OFF! (Only those who will stay more than 6months)




“Easy to access location, right by the station! Within 8mins by the train to Shinjuku and Shibuya. Because it is near Shimokitazawa,musicians,painters,photographers,actors and novelists stayed here.”

The closest station Keio Line“Meidaimae”:7mins(to Shinjuku/5mins
Keio Inokashira Line“Higashi-matsubara”:4mins(to Shibuya/8mins
Odakyu Odawara Line“Umegaoka”:14mins(to Shinjuku/15mins
Within walking distance to Shimokitazawa
Adress 5 Hihashi-matsubara, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo


We will tell you the detail when you come to check the house.

Around our house <1>Shopping street/4mins <2>Supermarket/6mins <3>Public bath/5mins <4>Convenience store/4mins <5>Library/13mins <5>Post office/6mins <6>Meiji Univ(Izumi campus)/11mins
Living Room TV(CATV), DVD player, Manga, Game…
Kitchen gas range, refrigerator, microwave oven, tableware…
Shower 1(free)
Loundry coin loundry
Toilet 2
Washstand 2
Bicycle parking OK
Wi-Fi Free


No. Size Rent/M Costs/M Others
101 7m2 JPY50,000 JPY9,000 Western style/Woman
102 9.3m2 JPY52,000 JPY9,000 Japanese style/Woman
103 9.3m2 JPY64,000 JPY9,000 Western style/Woman
104 9.3m2
JPY9,000 Western style/Woman
201 7m2 JPY51,000 JPY9,000 Japanese style/Woman
202Dormitory 13.3m2 JPY32,000 JPY7,000 Western style/Big closet/veranda
About costs Monthly Utility, Internet administration costs, management expenses *except the coinlaundry
About a room desk, chair, air conditioner, lighting equipment, curtain, (closet)
=western style= bed, mattress, air-conditioner
=Japansese style= japanese mattress, air-conditioner

=The initial fee=

Required Deposit Single JPY20,000 Refundable when you move out(if no problem)
Dormitory JPY10,000
Comission JPY10,000 When you move in only(not refundable)
Move-in month daily calculation
Only the people who need Bedding JPY10,000 a pillow, a quilt, a futon(Japanese mattress), a towel blanket, disposal fee
You don’t have to pay when you have yours.
But you must show your bedding when you move in.
You can leave the bedding set (you bought from us) when you move out.
Bedding cover set JPY2,000
Blanket JPY3,000